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OK celebrates 175 years

OK is 175 years this Sunday. It first appeared in print, on page 2 of the Boston Morning Post, which was then one of the most popular newspapers in the US. Mr Allan Metcalf, who is an English professor in

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Work-life balance: Translation Businesses in Singapore

Is Work-life balance possible or feasible for employees of translation businesses? What exactly is work-life balance? Some say it is “the ability to balance between the number of hours we work and the number of hours we are off work”, ”Leaving

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How much does it cost to translate?

If you’ve never engaged a professional translator, translation agency or translation company in Singapore to translate your documents/contents before, this is a reasonable and logical question to ask. So how much does it cost to translate, say a business letter

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The role of translation services in Singapore’s business environment

Singapore is basically an English-speaking country isn’t it? Why is there a need for businesses to translate or localize their English documentation and contents into other languages? Is translation and localization really a necessity? What exactly is the role of

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Getting a certified translation of your personal documents in Singapore

Attracting global talent is essential for creating the best for Singaporeans. In order to build the best home for Singaporeans, the Singapore government has been tapping the best talents from around the world. You may ask why? Well, to have world-class

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