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Untranslatable Words

Even though the English language contains more than one million words, there are certain words that are used to describe certain feelings and situations that do not exist in the English language . Here are some of them…. Cafuné (

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Old World Language Families   This Tree Beautifully Reveals The Relationships Between Languages   All of the languages illustrated here stem from subcategories of either Indo-European or Uralic origin, and upon closer inspection many fascinating links are revealed. One of the most surprising relationships

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Words with ominous origins

The origin of words is fascinating. With language constantly evolving, the meaning of many phrases has changed over time. We have listed five common phrases with startlingly ominous origins. 1.Baker’s Dozen In 13th-century Britain, there was a statute that said bakers could

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Happy New Year – 2015

  The team at Sage Languages wishes everyone a Happy New Year! We thank you for all your support and confidence you have placed in us and are looking forward to continuing this successful business relationship.

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How to pronounce Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo and more..

Most of us base the love of our clothing, make-ups and accessories on appeal, popularity, quality, price, origin and more. And how many of us base it on pronunciation difficulty? We’ve gone through years ogling over brands in magazines and

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