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Translation service

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  • Translation of business documents, legal documents, financial documents, medical dossiers, informed consent forms, press releases, product descriptions and more.
  • Certified Translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, patents, licenses, diplomas, certificates, resumes, letters and more.
  • Editing of your translated English documents.
  • Layout and Printing of your documents, flyers, catalogs, brochure, books, User Guides and more.
  • Technical Writing for consumer electronics, such as DECT phones, Android Smartphones, Ebook Readers, Digital Photo Frames, Android Tablets, Digital Baby Monitors, Digital Music Players and more.

Our goal is to focus on and work collaboratively with our clients in the provision of translation services in Singapore. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we want to develop a rewarding relationship based on synergy where maximizing their satisfaction is our bottom line.

To enable the provision of remarkable translation services in Singapore, we ensure that all our translators/linguists have the following competencies.
a) Translation competence
b) Linguistic and textual competence in the source language and the target language. This encompasses the ability to understand the source language and mastery of the target language.
c) Research competence, information acquisition and processing. This encompasses the ability to efficiently acquire the additional linguistic and specialised knowledge necessary to understand the source text and to produce the target text. It  also requires experience in the use of research tools and the ability to develop suitable strategies for the efficient use of the information sources available.
d) Cultural competence.  This encompasses the ability to make use of information on the locale, behavioral standards and value systems that characterize the source and target cultures.
e) Technical competence.  This encompasses the abilities and skills required for the professional preparation and production of translations.