Our Prices

Our prices for certified translation:

This service is meant for translation and certification of personal documents for submission to ICA, MOM, MOE and government departments.

Such personal documents include, Identity Cards, Driving Licences, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Passports, Household Registers, Family Registers, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, SPM Certificates, SPR Certificates, Diploma Certificates, Degree Certificates, Results Transcripts, Bank Statements.

We will issue a certificate to certify that the translation was executed by a professional translator competent to translate from the source language into the target language, and that it is true to the source document. We will also put our company’s stamp and sign on every page of the source and translated document.

English <> Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) STARTS FROM SGD40.00
English <> Malay STARTS FROM SGD45.00
English <> Indonesian  STARTS FROM SGD45.00
English <> Dutch/French/Italian/German/Spanish/Portuguese STARTS FROM SGD55.00
English <> Vietnamese/Thai/Tagalog STARTS FROM SGD60.00
English <> Cambodian/Khmer STARTS FROM SGD60.00
English <> Czech/Greek/Hungarian/Polish/Romanian/Russian/Slovak/Swedish/Turkish/Ukrainian STARTS FROM SGD60.00
English <> Arabic/Hebrew/Hindi/Gujarati/Malayalam STARTS FROM SGD60.00
Other languages please call us at +65 6222 9501 or email: inquiry@sagelanguages.com

Our prices for Notarization and Legalization:

Notarization by Notary Public  please call us at +65 6222 9501 or email: inquiry@sagelanguages.com
Authentication by Singapore Law Academy  please call us at +65 6222 9501 or email: inquiry@sagelanguages.com
Endorsement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs please call us at +65 6222 9501 or email: inquiry@sagelanguages.com