Translation Service

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

We offer efficient, competent and high quality translation services into the following language pairs:
English <> Chinese (Simplified/Traditional),English <> French,English <> Hindi

English <> Japanese,English <> Dutch,English <> Tamil
English <> Korean,English <> Italian,English <> Bengali
English <> Indonesian,English <> German,English <> Urdu
English <> Malay,English <> Spanish (US/LATAM),English <> Gujarati
English <> Vietnamese,English <> Portuguese (US/LATAM),English <> Oriya
English <> Arabic,English <> Russian,English <> Marathi
English <> Thai,English <> Romanian,English <> Malayalam
English <> Tagalog,English <> Polish,English <> Punjabi
English <> Cebuano,English <> Turkish,English <> Kannada

The types of documents we translate include but are not limited to the following:

  • Personal documents: Certificates, Resumes, Household or Family Register, Decree Nisi, Divorce Agreements, Civil Mediation Agreement, Letters, University Recommendations, and more.
  • Legal documents: Agreements/contracts, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Patents and trademarks, Regulations and Statutes, and more.
  • Marketing documents: Advertisements, Brochures, Pamphlets, Press releases, Product descriptions, Surveys/Questionnaires, and more.
  • Financial documents: Financial reports, Investment guides, Newsletters, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and more.
  • Technical documents: User guides, Manuals, Packaging, Specifications, and more.
  • Medical documents: Informed Consent Forms, Patient Diaries, Journal articles, Data sheets, Manuals, Packaging, Presentations, and more.

The charges for our translation services are based on a number of factors, which include the source and target languages, the type of text, the size of the document and the deadline.

Submit a request via our contact form and get a quote for our translation services within 2 hours.

If you have other language requirements, please do not hesitate to send an inquiry via email. We might just be able to find the right translator for you from our pool of resources. Remember, Sage Languages is here to render high quality translation serivces to you at affordable prices.