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Easy ways to learn a new language

Zhuangzi, who was born about 2,300 years ago, during the tumultuous Warring States Period of ancient China, probably wrote the first piece of work in history devoted to happiness. This essay, which is called “Supreme Happiness” (Watson, 2003), is now

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ICA’s E-application system for PR applicants

The Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced on 2 November 2017 on the launch of a new electronic application system for PR applicants. Under the old system, applicants for PR must make an appointment with the ICA and submit

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What is a notarized translation and what is a certified translation?

We get asked this question so often, we decided to write something about it again. A certified translation means that the translator or translation company has provided a signed statement (“Certificate of Translation Accuracy”) declaring that the translation is a

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What is “a privately translated copy notarised by a local Notary Public”?

Are you applying for Permanent residency (PR) in Singapore, Citizenship of Singapore or Long-term visit pass in Singapore? Do you know that there is this requirement published on ICA’s website and/or explanatory notes to the PR, Citizenship and LTVP application

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The “Who, What, Why, When and Where” of Notarization in Singapore

Who can be a Notary Public in Singapore? In Singapore, a notary public must be a qualified lawyer. A Notary Public in Singapore is appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public. A Notary Public is usually

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