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Mandatory Authentication of Notarised Documents in Singapore from 1 October 2019

With effect from 1 October 2019, all documents that require notarisation by  a local Notary Public in Singapore will have to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). The Singapore Academy of Law appoints and regulates about 700

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To edit or not to edit?

I am sure everyone would agree that having a piece of translation edited by a second linguist or translator is essential to ensure quality of a translation. Recently, we saw an increase in demand for editing of translations done by

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Is English and English translation difficult?

Is there such such a thing as words that are difficult to translate? Yes, I think there are indeed words that are difficult to translate, especially translating them into English. I would categorize words that are difficult to translate into

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You are a translator right? So how do you translate…..

As translators, there are many terms we can’t translate accurately without contextual reference. For instance, how do you translate the word “set” in Simplified Chinese? Should it be 设定、一套、放置、安置、出发、凝结、布景? I have set the alarm clock. 我已设定了闹钟。 The runners set off

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Work-life balance: Translation Businesses in Singapore

Is Work-life balance possible or feasible for employees of translation businesses? What exactly is work-life balance? Some say it is “the ability to balance between the number of hours we work and the number of hours we are off work”, ”Leaving

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