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Official launch of Whatsapp Service

  We are pleased to announce that our pilot project to use WhatsApp to receive, deliver and provide services to our customer has received positive responses. With immediate effect, we will be using this service as a regular channel to

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Before, During and After Translation

Cost is what you pay, value is what you get. In order to get good translations, apart from engaging good translators and good translation companies, we have some suggestions for clients to consider before, during and after translation. Before translation Be

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To edit or not to edit?

I am sure everyone would agree that having a piece of translation edited by a second linguist or translator is essential to ensure quality of a translation. Recently, we saw an increase in demand for editing of translations done by

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Certified translation – what you need to know

We saw an increase in the number of requests from our private clients to provide certified translation of their personal documents, most of the time, from a foreign language into English, for the purpose of  fulfilling the requirements of the

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How translation service is charged

At a certain translators and translation conference I attended back in 2009, there was a lot of buzz about how translators and translation companies should charge. It is not about the amount to charge for translation, but whether translation services

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