To edit or not to edit?

I am sure everyone would agree that having a piece of translation edited by a second linguist or translator is essential to ensure quality of a translation.

Recently, we saw an increase in demand for editing of translations done by the client, by other translation agencies or even by machine translation tools. When we are lucky enough, we get translations done by competent human translators such that we only need to fix minor typos. The process is both enjoyable and educational. It is educational because it gives us insight into the work done by another translator, including his or her thought process. Sometimes, we are not that lucky in that we had to spend a lot of time cleaning up the “mess” created by the original translator. This involved a complete re-work and we had to spend more time and effort than doing the translation from scratch. Furthermore, we had to provide a “report” and justifications as to why we needed to re-phrase or re-write the translation. Consequently, we only accept editing work after we have seen both the source language document and the translation.

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