Proofreading errors are costly both with time and money. What’s more, they are embarrassing,  unprofessional in appearance and extremely bad PR.

Here are some ways to avoid potentially costly mistakes:

  • Double-check prices.

The wrong punctuation mark in the wrong place can change the price on that SDG888.88 Apple iPhone 6 to SGD88.88.

  • Double-check dates.

It can be deadline for sales, submission of applications, registrations, etc. If you print the wrong date, your readers will lose out on the sales, applications and registrations. What’s more, it is extremely bad PR.

  • Double-check telephone numbers.

The simplest way is to pick up the phone to check that the number on your copy gets you to the right contact.

  • Double-check email addresses.

Click on the hyperlink to check.

  • Double-check all links.

Click on all hyperlinks to make sure that they lead to the correct pages.

  • Ensure days correspond with dates.

Check your calendar to make sure that the day and date are correct; such as 8 October 2014 falls on Wednesday, not Friday.

  • Add contact information.

This will make it easy for people to get in touch with you if they need clarifications.

If you’re looking for someone to proofread your work, contact Sage Languages at 62229501 or email us.