Getting a certified translation of your personal documents in Singapore

Image courtesy of Naypong/
Image courtesy of Naypong/

Attracting global talent is essential for creating the best for Singaporeans.

In order to build the best home for Singaporeans, the Singapore government has been tapping the best talents from around the world.

You may ask why? Well, to have world-class universities for our future generation, we must attract the best students and professors here. To have good jobs for our workers, we must attract the best employers – which means the most talented professionals and entrepreneurs, and the strongest companies in the world, like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

Before we can re-locate these foreign talents to Singapore, companies must get the necessary approvals from a number of regulatory authorities in Singapore.

Companies here will find that they need to submit the identification documents, educational certificates, testimonials, professional licenses etc of the foreign talents to the regulatory authorities of Singapore in English, which is the official language in Singapore. Consequently, such personal documents will have to be translated from a foreign language into English and they have to be “certified translations”.

Below are some common documents that require certified translation in Singapore:

Birth certificates Marriage certificates Family registers
Education certificates Medical reports Court verdicts
Driving licences Financial reports Business profiles
Patent applications Audit reports Informed Consent Forms

At Sage Languages, we have a team of very experienced staff to manage and deliver certified translation services in Singapore at very affordable prices.

If you find yourself needing to submit your personal documents in English, look no further. Sage Languages is here to assist you with getting your personal documents professionally translated and certified for submission to the ICA – Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore, ACRA – Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore, MOM – Ministry of Manpower, MFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.

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