What is “a privately translated copy notarised by a local Notary Public”?

Are you applying for Permanent residency (PR) in Singapore, Citizenship of Singapore or Long-term visit pass in Singapore? Do you know that there is this requirement published on ICA’s website and/or explanatory notes to the PR, Citizenship and LTVP application forms? The requirement reads as follows:

Please ensure that the original documents, official translation (if the document is not in the English language) and a copy of all documents are produced for our retention.

ICA accepts translation done by the Embassy of the document-issuing country or a local Notary Public.

A privately translated copy attested by the Embassy of the document-issuing country or notarised by a local Notary Public is also acceptable.

Insufficient documents may result in non-acceptance of application. Additional documents to support the application may be required.

At Sage Languages, we offer a privately translated copy notarized or notarised by a local Notary Public, that meets the requirements of the ICA Singapore, whether it is for your Singapore PR application or for your Singapore Citizenship application.

A sample of our Notarial Certificate is shown below.

Notarial Certificate - Translation for ICA Singapore


On top of issuing a Notarial Certificate, your translated documents will be also be CERTIFIED AS TRUE TRANSLATION. They will be signed and stamped by both our authorised signatory as well as our Notary Public.

To get a quote for translation, certified translation and/or notarized translation, please SCAN and EMAIL your documents to inquiry@sagelanguages.com

We are also on Whatsapp @ 8280 3328


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