Notarial Certificates to be issued for all documents attested by notary public in Singapore w.e.f 15 Feb 2017

For the purpose of enhancing the authentication and notarization process, with effect from 15 February 2017, it is MANDATORY for Notarial Certificates to be issued for each document attested by a notary public or in connection with which the notary public has administered an oath or affirmation in the exercise of the notary public’s powers and functions as a notary public. See The Notaries Public (Amendment No. 2) Rules 2016 come into operation on 15 February 2017.

All documents notarized by a Notary Public MUST be bound by a Red Ribbon. The bound document has to be COMPLETED with the notary public’s signature, stamp and notarial seal issued by the Singapore Academy of Law.

A sample of the Notarial Certificate is shown below.

notarial certificate sample

A new security feature has been added to the new notarial seals.

Old seal with notary public’s nameold notary seal






New seal with security featurenew notary seal with security feature





Note that the new seal issued by the Singapore Academy of Law does not have the Notary Public’s name. The security feature on the new seal triggers the appearance of “VOID” wordings if any attempt is made to peel it off. Once this happens, it will be considered invalid.

For more details, please visit Singapore Academy of Law – Commissioner for Oaths & Notaries Public website



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