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OK celebrates 175 years

OK is 175 years this Sunday. It first appeared in print, on page 2 of the Boston Morning Post, which was then one of the most popular newspapers in the US. Mr Allan Metcalf, who is an English professor in

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Sage Languages delivers full-suite translation & localization services

Sage Languages provides efficient, cost-effective solutions for both established companies and new Startups in Singapore. Whether you are managing new business unit, implementing a business plan, starting a new company or running daily operations, you require your contents presented in

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You are a translator right? So how do you translate…..

As translators, there are many terms we can’t translate accurately without contextual reference. For instance, how do you translate the word “set” in Simplified Chinese? Should it be 设定、一套、放置、安置、出发、凝结、布景? I have set the alarm clock. 我已设定了闹钟。 The runners set off

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Singapore Government strives to ensure the three official languages – Chinese, Malay and Tamil – are used properly in translations

Background: A Member of the Singapore Parliament expressed concern about the National Heritage Board’s (NHB) website. The NHB included a “Google Translate” function on its website to provide visitors with the option to translate the website content into any one

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The role of Sage Languages in English to Chinese translation services in Singapore

Overview  As globalization becomes a process and not an option in any business decisions and driven by shrinking local markets, the need to enter foreign markets becomes a matter of survival for most businesses in Singapore and beyond. “Globalization” to

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